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Board of Overseers

Jerilyn Asher
Erik Barca
Catherine Chan
Yuval Erlich
Adrian Fay
Eric W. Hayden
Sarah Herlihy
Diane Hessan
Jeannie T. Lee
Lorenzo Lepore
Edward Meltzer
Margaret Moore
Bill Nigreen
Eileen Pembroke
Stephanie Perrin
Paul Ricchi
Kathy Sheperd
Clark Waterfall
Kadomi Yonezaki

As of May 8, 2016

Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra CONCERTO COMPETITION WINNERS / GANDOLFI /  HINDEMITH February 12, 2017 Buy Tickets
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra  BEETHOVEN / BRUCKNER February 23, 25, 26, 2017  Buy Tickets