General Policies:

Our Live Streams and On Demand events are viewable on computers, smartphones, and tablets. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to view these events on your television at this time.

Our videos are streamed through Vimeo. You do not need to have a Vimeo account or download a special app to view our videos. You also do not need to navigate to the Vimeo website to view our videos.

The live feed video for all of our concert videos will begin 10-15 minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin. If there is a pre-concert talk then the live feed video will begin 10-15 minutes before the talk.

Internet connectivity:

The Boston Philharmonic is not responsible for your internet connection.

If your video is doing any of the following:

  • buffering
  • constantly loading
  • your video is choppy
  • your video is constantly freezing

This is due to your internet connection and we cannot provide any technical support.

livestream and on demand:

A Livestream event takes place at a specified date and time. The event happens in real time. You cannot go back and listen to the event at a later time. These events are only available at the listed date and time, exactly like an in-person event.

An On Demand event allows you access to a prerecorded event. You will have a window of time to watch this event. The window of time you have to watch the event will be listed on the order details of your confirmation email.

How do I watch my event?

When you purchase access to one of our virtual events, you will be sent a confirmation email. In the confirmation email, you will be given an access link that you get through a button on your email. (Click or tap on the magenta-colored box in your email.) Clicking the button will allow you to view the virtual event whether it is Livestream or OnDemand. View the image below to see what the button should look like in your email:

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 1.21.37 PM

A pre-show email will be sent to you the day of a Livestream event with your link accessible by clicking or tapping on a white button. The button is at the bottom of the page on the pre-show email to view the Livestream.

If you have not received your confirmation or pre-concert emails, look in your email's spam folder, and your email's promotions or social tabs. If the emails are not in one of those places please contact right away and we will assist you as quickly as possible. 

If the link in your pre-concert email or your confirmation email does not seem to be working please contact, right away.

Dos and Don'ts for Virtual Events:

Do test your connection ahead of the live stream event. Clicking on the button or link to test it ahead of time will not deny you access on the day of the event. The Livestream events are scheduled to begin 10-15 minutes ahead of the actual concert start time so that you may test your connection. 

Do troubleshoot. If your video freezes or the audio loses sync with the video do refresh your browser. If that doesn't work, check your internet connectivity. 

Don't share your virtual ticket. Your access link allows you to view the Livestream on one device at a time. If you have shared your link with someone and they join the Livestream after you do then you will be booted from the Livestream.

Don't pause, fast-forward, or rewind a Livestream. The Livestream is happening in real-time. Pause, fast-forward, and rewind do work for On-Demand events.

Don't attempt to call the box office for support during the performance. The Boston Philharmonic staff will be at the event handling the live performance and will be unable to answer the office phone. However, a staff member will monitor this email:, and we will attempt to assist you as quickly as possible.

Livestream Access:

Clicking on the button (magenta-colored rectangle) in your confirmation email will allow you access to the live event. If you click on the button early you should see something like what you see in the image below:

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 3.51.01 PM

If you do not see an image with information about the concert below it or if you see a blank screen with nothing there try the following:

  • Refresh your browser
  • Exit your browser completely and then open it again
  • Close excess browser tabs and applications
  • Update your browser if you do not have the latest version
  • Clear your browser's cache
  • Restart your router and modem

If you have tried the above steps and are still looking at a blank screen contact and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Recently some patrons have told us that they have trouble viewing the video through the Safari browser however, Chrome and Firefox users have had no trouble. 

Casting or mirroring to your television:

As stated at the top of this page, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to view our events on your television. Some patrons have been able to "mirror" our events or "cast" them on their television from their phones. You are welcome to try to view our events on your television. We cannot provide technical support for this. 

How to contact us for assistance:

If you need assistance during the concert please email for assistance. A staff member will help you as quickly as possible. 

Don't attempt to call the box office for support during the performance. The Boston Philharmonic staff will be at the event handling the live performance and will be unable to answer the office phone.

If you wish to view a copy of the concert program book which includes the orchestra roster, song/lyric translations, and other concert information; a link to the digital, PDF of the program book can be found on the concert page.  The program for the May 3, 2024 concert is here.


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