The Boston Philharmonic Society was formed in 2021 as a way to honor generous donors to the the Boston Philharmonic. 

This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a unique community built and sustained around a shared love for music, art, and ideas.

Available to generous donors who have contributed over $1,500 in the last year, this society aims to convene gatherings of both new and old friends, like-minded people eager to engage in meaningful discussions and explorations of culture. Our goal is to nurture a compassionate and curious community of supporters who are vitally important to the health and vibrancy of the Boston arts ecosystem and our very own Boston Philharmonic.

Special Philharmonic Society events are planned and announced throughout the season, including both in-person and virtual gatherings that feature special guests, musicians, and Maestro Zander in performance and conversation.


To learn more about the Philharmonic Society and how you can become involved, please contact:

Derek Beckvold

Development Officer




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