The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, founded by Benjamin Zander in 1979, features student, professional, and amateur musicians. One of Boston's premier orchestras, the Boston Philharmonic is not your average musical ensemble; on the contrary, the Boston Philharmonic follows a vision of "passionate music making without boundaries." To us, this means presenting top-notch music in a manner that both music aficionados and the casual listener can enjoy.

Our mission:

The mission of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra is to bring the vibrant joy of great music to new and existing audiences through engagement and connection with the music, the players and the conductor.

Through our music, the BPO aspires to expand the human possibility and redefine and reinvigorate the classical music experience for audiences and players alike.


Our Vision: Passionate Music Making Without Boundaries

Radiates out through the energy of our players as they passionately lead with their bodies and dig their bows deep into the string.

Is expressed in the composition of the orchestra, where top professionals, brilliant student musicians and passionate amateurs grow into one voice in the intensity and commitment of their music-making.

Stimulates players to take ownership of the music and to contribute their insights freely.

Is manifest in the high level of audience engagement in our illuminating pre-concert talks.

Moved us to expand, not pull back, in difficult times, launching the Discovery Series for eager, less experienced newcomers.

Inspires us to donate tickets to bring to the underserved the hope great music can offer.

Animates the audience, and stirs players and supporters alike to enroll others, in an ever-widening circle, in the extraordinary power of music.

Propels the entire Boston Philharmonic community to be ambassadors of joy and passion.