Ben_Zander_Preconcert_Talk_PaulMardyIf you have ever wanted to learn more about classical music, come to Benjamin Zander's captivating pre-concert Guide to the Music talks. The talks are an intrinsic part of the Boston Philharmonic experience. Maestro Zander pours his passion and energy into bringing music alive for the novice and the experienced music lover alike.

The 2023-2024 season:

Symphony Hall
Friday and Saturday concerts will have the Guide to the Music at 6:45 PM.
The Guide to the Music will take place in Symphony Hall's concert hall. 
Past Seasons:
NEC's Jordan Hall
Saturdays at 6:45 PM
Sanders Theatre
Sundays at 1:45 PM
Symphony Hall
Fridays at 6:45 PM
Sundays at 1:45 PM
Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra concerts do not have a pre-concert Guide to the Music however Benjamin Zander will give commentary about the pieces throughout the concerts.
"Music lovers have not had so enthusiastic a guide into the mysterious world of classical music since the glory days of Leonard Bernstein. Zander has the gift for talking about music in ways that make it more comprehensible to newcomers, without being condescending to well-seasoned listeners. After being swept along by his enthusiasm, you too may begin to wonder if Zander isn’t the next Bernstein."- High Fidelity, 2002
"GET YOUR PHIL: If you haven’t experienced Benjamin Zander helming your experience of classical music, listen to his TED Talk on its “transformative power,” and then watch him lead the Boston Philharmonic...get there early to hear Zander’s lucid and elucidating introduction to the program, which will be like getting fit with a fresh pair of ears." -Michael Andor Brodeur, The Boston Globe
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