Steve led Cytel’s business development from a small research-based venture to its sale to New Mountain Capital as a commercial clinical software & service company. A specialist in transformational growth of smaller enterprises, as an investor and executive, Steve has managed the commercial operations for Accelrys (Acquired by Dassault), Wavemark (Acquired by Cardinal Health) and several other start-ups. His career bridges life sciences and technology – two professional interests and, not coincidentally, two huge driving forces in today’s society.


Steve was raised in London where he was passionate about music, playing clarinet and piano, graduated in biology from York University, UK. Arriving in Boston the summer of 1981, he attended his first Boston Philharmonic concert and has enjoyed and supported the orchestra since then, joining the board in January 2019. He was founding member of Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs board and an investor in Indian Hill Music in Littleton, MA.


He runs a music recording studio where he mentors young and aspiring musicians as a part of their graduation requirements at Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School. He also volunteers on sound and music for social, cultural and political projects. He has three grown boys and lives with his wife, Ursula, in Concord, MA.

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