In fulfillment of the Boston Philharmonic's vision of Passionate Music-Making Without Boundaries and BPYO's motto "Shaping Future Leaders Through Music," the 2017 tour will pair six formal concerts in Lima, Peru; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Córdoba, Rosario, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, with interactive activities with local young musicians in each city. 

These musical interactions have been designed in collaboration with local concert presenters and music educators to maximize the impact of the BPYO's visit to each city. Activities include open rehearsals for students, side-by-side workshops where BPYO members are paired with individual local young musicians, and mini-masterclasses, where BPYO musicians will coach and mentor local students. There will also be opportunities for masterclasses and conversations with Maestro Benjamin Zander and with the featured soloists: violinist In Mo Yang and trumpeter Elmer Churampi. 

We need your help!

The Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is a tuition-free ensemble, open to highly-qualified and highly-motivated young musicians with a desire to become leaders in music and in life, regardless of their families' financial resources. 

We need your support to help these remarkable young people share their own enthusiasm and love for music with young aspiring musicians in Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay. 

Why do we tour?

Emily Chen-613948-edited.jpg"One indispensable reason why we go on tour is to share our music beyond the Boston music scene. Every person in this world deserves to be able to go to concerts or surround themselves with music, and with our international tours, we have been able to expand that opportunity for countless individuals. We may be young people, but we have been given the chance to change the world with love, music, and possibility, and that is why our international tours are so important.“ 
—Emily Chen, violin

Reese Williams.jpg"After being on tour, I see the world differently, and I firmly believe it’s because now, I always keep my head up…When you look up, you notice everything, every last detail. I’ve always looked at my shoes like I was carrying some kind of burden, but now I can’t stop looking up. I feel a little lighter, a little freer, a little more human." 
—Reese Williams, French horn

International tours are a vital and life-changing part of the musical and personal development of our musicians: they provide opportunities for them to perform in a variety of concert halls, to learn to work together in a variety of challenging settings, and to become leaders in their personal lives.

Cultural exchange and outreach activities with young people in host countries facilitate deep connections with the communities visited, with BPYO members serving as ambassadors and contributors.

Tour Itinerary

Lima, Peru: June 16-20
Córdoba, Argentina: June 21-22
Rosario, Argentina: June 22-23
Buenos Aires, Argentina: June 23-25
Montevideo, Uruguay: June 25-28

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