Professor Urs P. Gauchat is the Dean of the School of Architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Professor Gauchat transformed the School into an internationally recognized leader in the area of CAD (computer aided design) and community development. The School in the past few years has been involved in over 65 community projects. Professor Gauchat is particularly interested in establishing a bridge between the considerable resources of universities and the needs of communities. Professor Gauchat holds a Master in Architecture (1967) from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is also an architect, innovator and instigator. As a professional and academic he has a long standing interest and expertise in the field of housing and community building worldwide. From 1978-1998, Professor Gauchat was the President of Gauchat Architects, Inc., and has provided full architectural services for many significant commissions of varying sizes for more than 20 years. The projects include: commercial and industrial buildings, housing and other residential projects, office buildings, historic renovations, interiors, retail establishments, as well as planning and urban design studies. Professor Gauchat also served as a consultant to governmental and non-governmental agencies, as well as large scale public and private projects. 

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