Now retired, Dr. Peter Sheckman served as Medical Director at the North Shore Physician’s Group (formally Charter Medical and North Shore Medical Group) in Lynn, MA from 1985-2010. He began practicing internal medicine and infectious diseases as a partner in the group in 1977. Currently he continues to do administration work with the North Shore Health System and MGBCP. Prior to these positions, he was the hospital epidemiologist for Lynn and Union Hospitals and chair of the Infection Control Committees, Mass DPH tuberculosis clinic, On the board of trustees of the Union Hospital, Physician/Director of the Infectious Disease Clinic for HIV Care, Associate Chief of the Department of Internal Medicine, Director of Lynn’s Massachusetts Department of Public Health Tuberculosis, Board of Trustees at the North Shore Medical Center, Medical Director of the Medical Staff North Shore Medical Center, Locum Tenens of Indian Health Services at the Blackfoot Tribal Hospital, Chair of the Aids Task Force Committee, Chair of the Credentials Committee/Bylaw Committee, and Hospital Coordinator of North Shore Health Plan BC/BS HMO Utilization Review, Plan Management.

Dr. Peter Sheckman serves on The Board of Directors with Bridgewell and All Care Hospice in Lynn, MA and was recently appointed to the Board of Health of Swampscott, MA. He has also been a Board Member of Boston Philharmonic since 1979, as well as being a member of the cello section. He also does administrative work with the North Shore Medical Center and MGB Community Physicians division.

His most current awards include Community Clinician of the Year – 2009 from the Essex South District Massachusetts Medical Society, and The Holyoke Award- 2010 from the North Shore Medical Center. 

Dr. Sheckman holds a B.A from Yale University and graduated from New York University School of Medicine in 1971.

Peter has played cello in the Civic Symphony and then the BPO since 1975. He is the proud grandparent of seven grandchildren.

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