Since coming to Boston in 1975 to start a fellowship in infectious diseases I have been involved with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. I started playing the cello in the third grade and continued studies through high school with Lillian Goodman. I went to Yale College where I was a founding member of the Yale Symphony Orchestra and studied at the graduate school with Aldo Parisot. I then went to medical school at New York University following which I completed a residency at the Royal Victoria hospital in Montréal in internal medicine and then came to Boston in 1975. I had the good fortune of living next to a member of the Civic Symphony. I joined the orchestra in 1975 and I have remained an active member ever since. When the board of the Civic Symphony decided not to renew its relationship with Ben Zander, I was the president of the orchestra committee. I spoke for all of the orchestra to the Civic Symphony board. The board's decision remained firm following which the entire orchestra left the Civic and joined our newly formed orchestra the Boston Philharmonic. I have been an active member of the board ever since and a player in the cello section now for the 42nd season! I have continued to practice internal medicine and infectious diseases on the north shore of Boston initially in a private practice and now part of a large hospital owned practice in the Partners Health Care system. I have held many administrative positions in the hospital and in our practice. I was the managing partner or medical director of our practice for more than 25 years. I continued to practice medicine part-time and to do some administrative work as well. I live in Swampscott with my wife. We have 3 children and 5 grandchildren all living in the Boston area. 

Over the past 42 years the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra has had a remarkable development. The orchestra has become a very professional organization with concerts delivered at the very highest level. Part of the wonder of the orchestra has been the remarkable community of friends that has developed over the years. The orchestra's unique atmosphere has been generated by a remarkable conductor and leader as well as the unusual combination of students, amateurs and professional musicians. There is no other organization that has such a structure and produces the quality and unusually wonderful performances. It has been my great pleasure to have had the experience of being part of this organization both as a board member and musician for many, many years. I hope there are more to come. 

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