I was born in Northwest China, in Shaanxi, a province known for its Terracotta Warriors. I earned my bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Literature and, after graduating, I moved to Hong Kong, became an entrepreneur, and earned my MBA. 

In 2009, because of the uncertainty of the political environment in Hong Kong, my family moved to New Zealand, where we proudly became citizens. I loved the community we belonged to in Auckland. I was very engaged with the parish at St Mark’s Church, where I consistently participated in Sunday school and was involved with its music program, Mainly Music. 

My family moved to Cambridge in 2017. I have become an active volunteer in the Shady Hill School community and am currently the Shady Hill Fund Parenting Co-Chair. I am presently taking a master’s degree in Theology at BU. I cherish the chance to learn. 
My connection with Benjamin Zander started at a neighborhood gathering and then at a few concerts I attended with my husband George.We very much admire this high spirit that Ben brings to music. And we are so glad to be part of the Philharmonic’s community.
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