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Watch: Archived video of past Interpretation classes

The interpretation master classes will consist of highly accomplished young musicians residing or studying in the Boston area, all of them performing at a professional level; Maestro Zander will guide them to more inspiring, communicative, and alive interpretations, engaging the entire audience at the same time.

Benjamin Zander’s power to connect with listeners through his unequaled communication skills and experience as speaker across the world, coupled with his musical expertise, makes him a transformative musical coach who guides and inspires players of all instruments to a higher level of communication and performance.

Maestro Zander has presented celebrated interpretation master classes at major musical institutions across the world, at the New England Conservatory over the course of 45 years, and at the Walnut Hill School for some 30 years. Many hundreds of the finest classical music performers on the world stage attribute their most significant understanding of musical interpretation to Maestro Zander’s inimitable coaching.

What does a musician actually do to create a sense of human contact and uplift? Watching a piece of music be transformed from good to inspired gives the entire audience a key to the deepest elements of the musical art and a key to bring whatever they do in life to a higher level of effectiveness, contribution, and joy.

These classes give everyone involved a window into how music can and might be performed, to most fully communicate, engage, stimulate, and inspire the audience.

2016/2017 Interpretation Class Schedule

All classes occur from 10:00am–12:00pm on the following dates:

Saturday, October 29
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Saturday, December 3
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Saturday, January 28
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Saturday, February 18
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Saturday, March 25
Pickman Hall at Longy

Saturday, April 29
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Saturday, May 20
Pickman Hall at Longy

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