Boston is fortunate to have a vibrant community of musicians and teaching artists, who enrich our lives with their artistry and dedication to their craft and make possible the transformative concert experiences of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO).

Many BPO musicians are freelancers, who weave together a mix of employment activities with a variety of arts organizations in the area to support themselves and their families. Public Health guidelines enacted to curb the spread of COVID-19 halted all of these performance as well as many teaching activities, leading to an unprecedented and sudden loss of income for these musicians. 

With the leadership of Maestro Zander and through the generosity of some of our longtime donors, including full participation from the BPO Board of Directors, the Boston Philharmonic launched a Musicians Relief Fund in July, 2020. 

We have so far awarded over $340,000 in assistance to 49 of our musicians and teaching artists. A committee comprised of three BPO Board members (Sherie Bush, Bruce Coppock, and Peter Sheckman) and Managing Director Elisabeth Christensen reviews all applications. Support is based on an individual musician's financial need, relationship to the BPO community, and availability of funding. Applications are accepted and funding disbursed on a rolling basis.


Quotes from Musician Recipients

I can’t thank you all enough.  I feel like I can breathe again!!!”

[My spouse] and I are again grateful beyond words for this support from the BPO Musician's Relief Fund.  This gift is truly meaningful from a practical perspective, but even more so, it is indescribably emotional to know you have our back.  We are so moved to know that you value our contributions in this world enough to spend all this energy and effort to provide us with support.  We honestly can't thank the committee enough for their efforts and care.”

“A huge thank you from [our] household for all your efforts on our behalf.  Hang in there until we can all safely make music together again!”

“I can’t tell you what a relief this news is for me! This will be a lifesaver for my family this fall. My sincere thanks to Ben and the other donors for making this possible. The generosity of BPO in these trying times is really heartening, and I feel so honored to be associated with such an amazing organization!”

“This is such great news, and a huge financial and emotional relief for my family."

“This aid will go a long way in helping us meet our financial obligations during this challenging time."

“BPO has been my family ever since I entered the professional world in Boston, and I'm really humbled by the kind gesture shown to me and all the musicians alike."



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