Paul Ricchi



Paul Ricchi

Board of Directors
RBS Citizens (Commercial Enterprise Banking)


Please excuse the informality, but at my age I should be writing memoirs not resumes.


I am in the last decade (and hopefully the last economic cycle) of a career in commercial banking, it started in 1968. During most of that time I have been Boston-based and involved in financing closely-held and family-owned businesses,  making  the world safe for capitalism! · I am a life member of RMA, the national association of risk management professionals, it is an honor that given  for endurance, not necessarily for merit.


Beyond banking and family,  I have derived satisfaction from volunteer activity including instructing in the Community Entrepreneurship Program of the Center For Women and Enterprise, membership on the Town of Swampscott Finance Committee, coaching American Legion Baseball, and chairing the Northeast Massachusetts Division of the American Heart Association.


Lacking a useful endowment of musical performance ability, but having well-developed critical faculties, it is a source of pride to be involved in the governance of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra with its tradition of uncompromising excellence.